How will the finder contact me?

If someone finds your possession with a sticker and/or plastic tag with the Trayce cod still legible, he/she will just need to visit Trayce website and enter the Trayce code. He/she will then see the webpage of your items with your contact details and a contact form.
You can preview what the finder will see by following the link in each of your item page or clicking the button "save and preview online"

What if I don't want to show my contact details to anyone?

In each of "My Items" section or "Tag New Item", you can use the toggle to choose which contact you want to share with the person who finds your possession.
If you want to be completely anonymous, just switch off all the toggles. The finder will still be able to contact you via the contact form, and his/her message will be delivered to your email address. Keep any eye on your inbox if you lose any tagged item.

What phone number should I give?

Trayce allows you to include your contact details in "Ways to Contact" section of "My Account".
Our suggestion is to add your main mobile number including the full country code (for example 0044, or +44), so if you lose your possession abroad, the finder can dial the right international number and call or text you.
You also have the option to add a secondary phone number, which is very handy in case you cannot be contacted at your primary phone number (for example if the battery run out, or if you are in the plane, or if you lost your main mobile phone).
The secondary phone number can be an alternative number you have, or the number belonging to a friend or family. Please note that if you add someone else phone number, you should his/her permission before sharing it. You can also decide for which item you want to show the secondary phone number using the toggle on "My items" section.

What reward should I give?

It is up to you to decide whatever rewards you want to give, and it is entirely optional.
We just recommend you to make sure the finder will safely deliver your possession before granting any reward.
Trayce is not responsible for any fulfilment of the reward you promise.

Why do I have three colour stickers?

The average person tags around 5 possessions. But we include 10 more stickers, in a set of three colours, so you can pick the colour(s) that you like the most, and pass the other stickers onto someone else.
If you give some stickers away to someone, he or she will be able to register his/her own account and tag items separately from you. This is the beauty of unique codes!
So spread the word (and the stickers!). The more we are, the better it is.

Someone is selling Trayce stickers , is it safe to buy somewhere else other than this website?

No, it is not. In order to tag your possession you need to have a sticker or a plastic tag with a valid code. Only stickers and plastic tags bought on Trayce.uk will have a valid code. If you buy them somewhere else you may not be able to tag your possessions, as the code maybe invalid or, worse, already in use by someone else.

Is it safe to tag house keys or car keys?

It is, we just suggest to limit the personal details you share for these specific items in order not to be identified which door or car those keys will open! This is why we have include the toggles to choose what to share. For example it is safer to switch off the email address if it contains your name and surname and your photo; if someone finds your tagged keys, he/she can still contact you via the contact form on our website and/or your mobile phone if you decide to share it.



When you purchase Trayce stickers or tags, each of the sticker and tag have an unique code number.
Whoever finds your lost possession, will be able to visit https://trayce.uk, enter the unique code and see your contact details.
Therefore make sure that the sticker or tag is visible and properly placed.
You have three type of sticker to fit most of your possessions.
Here there are some suggestions of what to tag and where, based on the sticker type and our experience of items being returned.

Round sticker

This sticker is highly visible and we suggest to apply it to large/medium size items. For example, place it:

  • on your laptop, near the touch pad or on the external part of the flip monitor;
  • on your mobile phone, either the back or on the cover/bumper if you use one;
  • on your tablet, at the back;
  • on your headphones, either in the internal or external head support;
  • on your mopeds;
  • on your expensive books, on the first page or the front cover;
  • on your wallet, somewhere visible when it is open;
  • and on any possession that it will fit;

Rectangular sticker

This sticker is very visible and discrete, we suggest to apply it to small/medium size items. For example:

  • on your passport, on the hard cover (but we suggest not on the internal pages);
  • on credit or debit cards, on the front being more visible than the back;
  • your Oyster card;
  • on your mobile phones;
  • car keys or house keys (but we suggest to switch off any contact details and photo to not be recognised. Check the FAQs for these items);
  • and any possession that it will fit;

Tiny rectangular sticker

This sticker is very small so it will fit items with tiny spaces like:

  • the inside of your sunglasses or eyeglasses;
  • on a pen, either on the cap or on the part that you don't hold when writing;
  • on piece of jewellery (either place the sticker or you can mark/print a Trayce code and web address somewhere);
  • and any possession that it will fit;