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The smart way to keep track of your stuff and get lost items returned
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Never worry about losing your stuff again

The Trayce app lets you register your favourite items and protect them against loss. Here's how it works...

Download Trayce

Install the Trayce app on your phone. Once you are registered with Trayce you can order coded stickers to put on your items.

Register your stuff

Use your app to register your most precious items with Trayce. You can use the app to assign Trayce codes to each of your items and then you just apply the stickers or tags.

Lost & found

Now, if you lose your things, anyone that finds them can enter your Trayce code on this site and arrange your items safe return.

How Trayce works

Trayce is a super simple solution to an age old problem. Just mark your things with a code and give kind folk who find your items the opportunity to return them. Here's how you can get your stuff Trayced:

When you register you can order a set of stickers. Each sticker contain a unique Trayce code and you can use the app to assign codes to your most precious items. This creates a permanent bond between your things and the Trayce site. This unique marker will help get your most precious things back in the event of accidental loss.

If you don't want to use the stickers, you can also just apply the codes yourself. Write them on with a pen, stitch them into clothing, whatever works for you! In just the same way as with the stickers, if a kind stranger finds your things they can arrange for their return just by typing the code into this website. Simple!

Trayce stickers come with with different colours and shapes. Each lets you tag your items with Trayce codes in the simplest way possible. So whether you are a regular traveller or just the kind of person who misplace their phone or keys just that little too often, Trayce has you covered with the accessories that you need.


The simplest way to keep tabs on your possessions

Trayce stickers + your things = No more lost stuff

Simple interface

The app is really easy to use. You'll be tagging your stuff in no time and if you lose them you'll be glad you Trayced it.

Easy tagging

The tagging process takes a second. Take a photo of your item, apply one of the printed stickers. You'll be done in no time.

Get your stickers

The minute you register with the Trayce app in the UK you can get going by buying stickers at our UK shop/

Keep on tagging

There's no limit on how many things you can tag. Whether it's a couple of your favourite things or all of them. Go crazy!

Arrange returns

If you lose your item and a kind soul finds it then we'll help you arrange the return and get you things back home where they belong.

Peace of mind

It all adds up to peace of mind and a much more reliable way to keep tabs on your favourite stuff.


Join Trayce and get peace of mind

It's the smart way to protect the things that mean the most to you

Get started with Trayce

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Single package: 15 stickers

£4.99    £ 1.99
  • Standard delivery by post.
  • What is in it: 15 stickers, each with a different code, to tag up to 15 items. They come in 3 set colours (blue, grey and pink) and 3 shapes (for large items, small items and sunglasses)

Such an easy way to keep tabs on stuff you can't bear to lose

Claire London

When I lost my wallet at Glastonbury, the Trayce sticker made sure it found its way back to me

Phil Bristol

I'm always losing things. Trayce means I can get my stuff back!

Charlie Edinburgh

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